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The PlinkCare Chronicle

​​​​​​​Rejuvenate your skin with the nature-based SkinCare

PlinkCare A brief introduction –

Healthy skin is the confidence we carry along. Taking care of our skin and using natural products for skincare is essential.

PlinkCare is a natural skincare brand that develop products to care for all Indian skin types. The brand was specifically created to overcome the commonly observed skin issues, after intense research.  In 2019, Plink was officially launched in Pune, Maharashtra. Owing to its quality the brand gained acceptance amongst the men and women of every age. Since then, Plink became PlinkCare through its popularity in the Digi world. In the current scenario social media refers ‘Plink as PlinkCare’.

Through research and the expert committee members of PlinkCare has developed effective remedies for skin problems. The brand has its own formulations with excellent production abilities.

Mendy and Balram’s brainchild –

Mendy CYH and Balram Madhav Chappar, have fulfilled their vision through Plink which is a dream come true and sought to create the products close to the mother nature. We at PlinkCare, have the opinion that, nature has all the solutions one needs and the best is created when nature amalgamates research. They believe that natural products effectively treat any external skin issues, PlinkCare ensures the nature is not harmed by any means. Mendy and Balram, being passionate about the nature are visibly noticed at every turn. Their commitment and tenacity have helped Plink become what it is today.

Essentials of the brand –

The majority of people give skincare a lot of consideration. It is something that one may use to boost one’s self-confidence and give themselves an opportunity to express one’s personalities. PlinkCare aims to produce effective skincare products made with natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types without harming the environment or sacrificing its sustainability.

PlinkCare supports ‘Make in India’ and promotes skincare products for Indian skin to bring out women’s confidence to empower themselves. PlinkCare promotes simple skin care routine over the complicated one, and thereby, emphasizing on any skin issues with the least number of products possible. Furthermore, PlinkCare sees skincare as a journey toward healthy, youthful skin rather than a quick fix.

Products and specialties –

PlinkCare provides a wide range of excellent skincare products that are perfect for every season and are crafted especially for Indian women. It introduces water-based products that have undergone extensive testing before it is launched in the market. Additionally, the brand makes minimal use of chemicals and employs extracts from naturally grown plants. PlinkCare only uses hand tools to gather raw materials, thus paying close attention to even the slightest damage caused during the harvest. the company ensures that harvesting and extraction of raw materials as per the requirement for batch production. PlinkCare is committed to satisfy every need of the customers and support in resolving skin issues.

Commitment towards society and environment –

The company is totally committed to work towards the sustainability of the natural environment. The company ensures that no animal is harmed during experimentation, testing or by any other means, may it be during the production or processing phase. Additionally, every single of its products is eco-friendly, organically grown, and devoid of cruelty. The brand also provides neighborhood residents with work opportunities to promote local community and livelihood.

The term “beauty” is often linked to the countless women in the market with immaculate skin and perfectly tailored outfits. However, real skin has real-time concerns, and thus solutions made for them must be relevant. PlinkCare strongly believes in natural remedies for all Indian skin types with priority towards environment conservation and its sustainability.​​​​​​​

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