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A skin care brand that's as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin! Our all products are natural, made with finest ingredients given by nature, that you can trust upon and use them hassle free.

About us

We at PlinkCare, have the belief that,
nature has all the solutions one needs
and the best is created when nature
amalgamates science.

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"This is a great toner for combination skin. I started seeing difference in my skin within just a week. Have been using it twice a day for "


"Loved the texture, it absorbs very quickly and keeps my skin hydrated. I have oily skin and I wanted something just as lightweight as this Toner. It moisturizes without making the skin dry. Absolutely loved this."


" I have been waiting for this Aqua+ series to launch since a very long time and it's really great to finally use it. The packaging is really beautiful and premium, I especially loved the cute travel pouch I got as a free gift! The products are just amazing as always. My skin feels so smooth and well nourished after using it. "


"I'm very happy to see that Plink has launched travel friendly mini sized products. The Aqua+ series has definitely changed my skin care routine, the all in one combo pack is very perfect and easy to carry anywhere. Now I can moisturize my skin hassle free even when I'm travelling.   Loved the Activ-Lotion, very soothing and moisturizes the skin instantly. I can see my skin has started to look very plump and soft."


"I have been using this product for 2 months. It’s not strong smelling, absorbs great on the skin and leaves it feeling lovely. Can’t beat it!Product: Activ Lotion"

Nandita Rao